Enterprise Software for a Wide Range of Industries

PhyleTec Provides WMS and ERP Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

At PhyleTec, we understand that no two industries or businesses are the same. Our experienced team of industry consultants and developers has created configurable software modules that will meet your business’ unique needs and follow your industry’s best practices.

Regardless of your industry, our software designed for the cloud, provides you with centralized management capabilities, real-time data entry capabilities no matter where your employees are working, and enhanced visibility into inventory and activity across your entire operation.

Some of the Industries PhyleTec Enterprise Software Has Helped Revolutionize


PhyleTec WMS and ERP solutions help manufacturers streamline processes, eliminating errors that can occur with data re-entry, and providing real-time information on production and order status. It also provides you with traceability and compliance capabilities.  Our Mobile Viewer enables workers to perform any function from a mobile device.

  • Food and Beverage
  • Agricultural Processing
  • Made to Order
  • Electronics

Warehouse and Distribution

Count on PhyleTec WMS to help you manage inventory, tracking, receiving, putaway, picking, packaging, shipping, and invoicing. Our solutions support both barcode and RFID data collection processes.

  • Packaging material distributor
  • Paper distributors
  • Mobile phone and accessories distributor/retailers
  • Tire tracking (RFID)
  • Wholesale distribution

Supply Chain Management

PhyleTec enterprise software provides management and visibility into the entire supply chain, allowing you to manage product flow. With our cloud solution, you will have comprehensive data and a 360-degree view of the supply chain in real time.

  • Military supply chain management
  • Government supply chain management

Service Industries

PhyleTec enables service industries to optimize resources, control schedules, and minimize expenses. Our software addresses both the project side and the human resources side of your business to ensure you provide exceptional customer service.

  • Professional services industry
  • Cannabis industry
  • Janitorial and sanitation industry

For more information on how PhyleTec industry solutions can benefit your business, contact us