ERP System Integration

The core of PhyleTec’s software is a comprehensive database shared across departments in your organization. To help you streamline your operations even more, PhyleTec software integrates with more than 50 third-party business systems and applications to allow you to build a unified solution to manage your business. Data analysis and reporting is also enhanced with a comprehensive view of your entire operation.

Examples of PhyleTec software integrations:

  • All major carriers to price, enter and track shipments
  • Brokers
  • Payment Processors
  • Manufacturing software
  • Enterprise software
  • Human resource management systems
  • Financial accounting systems
  • Communication and collaborating software
  • Business intelligence applications
  • EDI

Custom Integrations

PhyleTec can also provide customized integrations that connect you with systems and applications you need to run your business more smoothly. One example is an integration we developed with a financial institution so bank statements could be accessed through PhyleTec software.

If you need a custom integration, Contact our development team.

APIs Allow You to Create New Integrations

PhyleTec also has an open application programming interface (API) so you can develop your own integrations – and operational efficiencies. APIs are interfaces that enable applications to communicate with PhyleTec systems.

If you are a software developer interested in creating an integration with PhyleTec software, Contact us for more information.